CATIA is one of the most powerful 3D modelling softwares on the market. It's capabilities in 3D modelling, Advanced Surface Modelling and way of handling large assemblies is unmatched. It ensures scalability for companies that create advanced products that require high-end designs.

Unparalleled Core Engine

CATIA has a 3D Core engine that is extremely advanced.

This means you can handle assemblies of millions of parts, switch between designing small scale and large scale parts, and practically design anything you want – from microbes to cities.

This software is industry process oriented, which means that you will find the dedicated set of applications directly in the software, based on which industry you are working in.


Designers and Engineers use CATIA


Partner Solutions extend CATIA’s capabilities


CATIA supports over 40 different file formats


Of the leading companies in the aerospace industry is using CATIA

Increased Productivity on Cloud

CATIA’s comprehensive design capabilities allows you to create 3D models and detailed drawings of complex parts and assemblies – directly on the cloud.

The powerful simulation and analysis tools means you can ensure your product meets the necessary performance and safety requirements, before it goes into production.
Saving both you and your company time and money.

Never-ending versatility

Computer-Aided Three-Dimensional Interactive Application is a valuable tool in many industries. The parametric modelling capabilities enable designers and engineers to quickly modify designs to their requirements in addition to modifying structural performance.

This trusted software allows you to scale and manage your designs, and the versatility and advanced features makes it a favourite among a large variety of industries.

Here are some reasons why CATIA is useful in different industries:

  • Aerospace & Defense: CATIA is used extensively for designing complex aerospace components and systems. Advanced features such as parametric modelling, kinematic analysis, and finite element analysis make it ideal for designing complex aircraft, satellites.
  • Automotive: This industry relies heavily on CATIA for product design, modelling, and simulation. Its advanced surfacing capabilities enable designers to create complex, aerodynamic shapes that improve fuel efficiency and performance.
  • Industrial Equipment: Designing machinery, heavy equipment, and production lines works like a charm with CATIA’s parametric modeling capabilities that allows designers to easily and efficiently modify their designs to meet specific requirements and optimize performance.
  • Consumer goods: CATIA’s powerful modeling and visualization tools make it a favourite among companies in this industry. These features allows them to design attractive and functional products that meet the needs of the consumer.
  • Architecture: In the architectural industry, the parametric modeling capabilities allow architects to modify designs and optimize structural performance. It is used to design and visualize buildings, bridges, and other structures.


  • Handles assemblies of millions of parts due to its powerful core engine
  • Allows for concurrent engineering – meaning you and your co-workers can work on the same assembly, at the same time
  • Improved design flexibility: Designers can create complex designs with greater freedom and creativity, allowing them to explore new design possibilities
  • Integration with other tools: CATIA integrates with other tools and technologies. This makes it easier and faster to work within a multi-disciplinary environment
  • This software is highly customizable. In addition to the industry-specific applications, it can also be tailored to meet the specific requirements of any company

TOP Three CATIA Packages

Mechanical & Shape Engineer

Do you work with Simulation or are you part of a dedicated MODSIM team? Then this is the CATIA package that’s most useful for you. It includes the most vital capabilities of CATIA, such as Solid, Surface, and Reverse Engineering in addition to basic FEA capabilities.

Function-Driven Generative Designer

It’s not always easy getting the design right, when it’s light. That’s where the package Function Driven Generative Designer comes into play. With its use of Topology Optimization Technology, it leads the way for those who need their design to be as light as possible.

Creative Designer

If you frequently work with organic shapes and need features that are best adapted to this use, then the Creative Designer package is the right choice for you. It allows for top-of-the-line viewings as well, with its unmatched rendering capabilities.

Frequently asked questions about CATIA

To make an informed choice about CATIA, you need all the relevant information. Here are the answers to the questions we are asked most frequently.

What is CATIA software used for?

CATIA software is used for computer-aided design, engineering, and manufacturing (CAD/CAM/CAE) applications.

Is CATIA compatible with other types of CAD software?

Yes. CATIA is compatible with other software through the file import/export options.

What are the system requirements for running CATIA?

The system requirements for running CATIA may vary depending on the version and desired functionality. We recommend that you check the specific requirements for your version and use case. You can check your requirements here.

What industries commonly use CATIA?

Industries that commonly use CATIA include aerospace, automotive, industrial equipment, and consumer goods.

What training resources are available for CATIA?

We in PLM Group offer both basic and advanced trainings in CATIA. We currently have a three day training for Part Assembly and Drawing, and a two day training for surface modelling.

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