Change Management

Struggling with complex change management?

It’s no secret that managing changes in virtual teams can be challenging.

Strict regulatory requirements and extensive documentation only add to the complexity.

By simplifying you change management process, you can experience a more efficient workflow that saves time, enhances quality, and minimizes risks from human error.

Learn more about how our change management solution can help you succeed.

Why a Change Management solution?

  • Collect, oversee, and prioritize all changes for a faster, more controlled strategy.
  • Share CAD designs with external stakeholders without requiring 3DEXPERIENCE access or additional roles.
  • Review, mark-up, comment, and control communication internally and with external parties like suppliers and manufacturers.
  • Gain a comprehensive overview of changes and actions, along with a clear view of ongoing activities such as change orders and supplier approvals.

What does it include?

The Change Management solution offers ….

How much to include here?

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