DriveWorks is a powerful, user-friendly design automation and sales configuration software. It automates repetitive tasks, speeds up development, and reduces errors, helping you customize products quickly and efficiently.

Simplify your design automation

DriveWorks is the ultimate solution for design automation and CPQ sales configuration, trusted by businesses of all sizes.

Are you an engineer looking to automate your SOLIDWORKS models? Or a company aiming to provide an intuitive product configurator for your sales teams, distributors, and customers?

DriveWorks is your go-to tool, if you’re looking for reducing repetitive tasks, eliminates errors, and streamlining your workflow.

The benefits of DriveWorks

By incorporating DriveWorks to your workflow you will:

  1. Reduce sales lead time and respond to customer enquiries faster
  2. Automatically generate all of the documents and data to sell and manufacture complex configurable products
  3. Improve customer experience with guided selling and 3D visualisation
  4. Ensure accuracy from order to delivery

Optimizing sales configuration
with DriveWorks

“Our sales staff are saving valuable time and our customer service is better than ever. We are building customer loyalty, increasing sales, and avoiding mistakes.”

– F.H. Brundle

Our packages


Rules-based design automation. Fully embedded and included free in every desktop SOLIDWORKS license. Quickly generate new versions of your SOLIDWORKS parts and assemblies – without needing complex macros, design tables or configurations. Automate repetitive SOLIDWORKS tasks, free up time, eliminate errors and expensive design changes.


DriveWorks Solo

A powerful design automation add in for engineers using SOLIDWORKS. Automate SOLIDWORKS parts, assemblies and drawings and help sales colleagues respond to inquiries quickly. Capture the dimensions and features that change, and build design rules using the intuitive and familiar DriveWorks add-in.


DriveWorks Pro

Complete SOLIDWORKS® automation and online 3D CPQ configurator software. DriveWorks Pro is a powerful tool that enables you to build and manage your own solution. Reduce the cost of custom designs, respond quicker to sales inquiries, enhance product quality, reduce repetitive tasks and improve customer experience.

Try DriveWorks Solo for free

With DriveWorks Solo you can configure and automate custom products inside SOLIDWORKS®.

Watch the video on the left to see how you can benefit from using the add-in.

Through the link below you’ll get instant access to DriveWorks Solo for 30 days.

CPQ for Manufacturing

Manufacturers are embracing Industry 4.0 with simple, cost-effective digital transformations. Start by replacing manual processes with digital tools like CPQ, which enhance customer experiences and streamline operations. Discover how these changes can revolutionize your business in this e-book.

DriveWorks CPQ examples

With DriveWorks you can Configure, Price & Quote (CPQ) custom products in 3D on any device and create manufacturing and sales outputs automatically.

See how different companies have used DriveWorks CPQ for Manufacturing to create a front-end, customer-facing configurator and a back-end dealer portal.

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