Scalable data management solution to access your data from anywhere and on any device.

Integrate people, processes, and data

HostPLM is a powerful and scalable private hosting solution combining the latest PLM and IT Infrastructure technologies. It’s the ideal solution for companies that produce and manage technical documentation requiring secure storage, version and revision management, and collaboration.

HostPLM is built around a pre-configured setup developed and maintained by PLM Group. With over 20 years’ experience in implementing PDM solutions, PLM Group maintains, updates and supervises the hosted data solutions.

This solution doesn’t require an IT specialist or expensive servers and backup. Configuration and data are stored in a privately hosted data center where all information can be accessed from anywhere.

Why HostPLM?

  • Access your data from anywhere and from any device
  • Secure communication with data backup
  • A secure off-site storage of critical and important data
  • No additional IT specialist or server-sided operational costs

Three benefits of HostPLM

  • Flexible and scalable solution with no additional IT server-sided operational cost
  • Solution without involvement of IT specialists
  • A service with a known total cost of ownership with a monthly fee

Our packages


HostPLM Flex User

1. Highest flexibility

2. Connect and join any workflow from anywhere

3. Direct Connection to the hosting centre


HostPLM Pro User

1. Powered by an onsite HostPLM Box

2. Secure and encrypted traffic

3. Local data change for high performance

To install and connect, write your code here:

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