HostPLM – PDM Professional on Cloud

Powerful functionality, scalability and reliability – all this is now possible with HostPLM. With our help, our customers can minimize time spend to their system and hardware maintenance so they can focus on their core business.


Move your PDM Professional system to the cloud and focus on your core competencies

We have combined Azure Cloud services and SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional in a one single HostPLM service. It’s the ideal solution for companies that produce and manage technical documentation requiring secure storage, backups, version and revision management, and flexible collaboration. 

HostPLM builds on PLM Group’s more than 10 years of experience in implementing cloud-based PDM solutions. Our service includes hosting the PDM Professional software on Azure Cloud, server head version updates, backups and system monitoring against external threats. 

Migrating your traditional PDM Professional software to the HostPLM cloud service is easy and can be done in a matter of days. From the user’s perspective, HostPLM works like a traditional PDM Professional solution running on its own servers.

Why HostPLM?

  • Focus on your core competencies: Reduce the need to maintain software and hardware and focus on what you do best.
  • Easy data access: Access your data from anywhere and from any device, enabling you to work effortlessly.
  • Managed Data security: HostPLM ensures that your company’s data assets are protected and backed up, giving you peace of mind about data security.

Three benefits of HostPLM

  1. Secure and scalable solution: No additional IT server-side operating costs – just secure and scalable operations
  2. Improved collaboration: facilitates collaboration with different stakeholders, improving information sharing and project progress.
  3. Fixed monthly fee: Knowing the total cost makes budgeting easier and ensures cost transparency.

Inha Works

"HostPLM has been a very effective solution for us. We were pleasantly surprised to find that HostPLM works even faster than our previous local server solution. However, the most significant benefit has been the outsourcing of database and server maintenance. These have been the key benefits we have received from the service, and naturally cloud solutions are becoming the new norm these days."

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