PDM – Product Data Management

Manage and synchronize design data across the entire organization and collaborate on designs in multiple locations.

Take control of your data

SOLIDWORKS PDM (Product Data Management) enables you to share and collaborate on designs while protecting intellectual property with integrated tracking and version control.

PDM solution will help you automate workflows and improve collaboration from engineering through manufacturing, leading to better products, reduced costs, and faster time-to-market.

Get control of your data – enhance collaboration and innovation.


  • Automated workflows and approval processes
  • Secure data storing and reduced data loss
  • Increased efficiency and collaboration in teams

Our packages



Ideal for small design teams and workgroups in a single geographic area. PDM Standard enables you to easily manage SOLIDWORKS parts, assemblies and drawings
It is included with every SOLIDWORKS Professional and Premium license.



Allows you to create automated workflows and ensure manufacturing always has the correct file version.
Includes all the tools of PDM Standard, plus integrations to third-party CAD applications and Microsoft Office. PDM Pro utilizes Microsoft SQL Server for high performance and scalability.



Extends PDM Professional with adding powerful project, process and item management capabilities.
It offers an advanced set of data management tools that allow teams to take complex project and business processes management to the next level.

Want to see full package features?

SOLIDWORKS PDM comes in three different packages scalable to meet the needs of your business. Find the perfect fit for you.

Functions and features

Functions and featuresSOLIDWORKS PDM StandardSOLIDWORKS PDM ProfessionalSOLIDWORKS Manage
File Management
Design and Reuse
Revision Management
Secure File Vaulting
Revision Control
Audit Trail
Integrated Search
eDrawings Preview
Engineering Change Management
Bill of Materials Management
Regulatory Compliance
Distributed Collaboration
Enterprise Scalability
Advanced Search and Favorites
Multi-Document Preview
Automated Neutral File Creation
Custom Configuration
Automated Data Import and Export
Serial Number Generators
Distributed Design Teams
Remote Access
Automated Approval Process
Email Notifications
Project Management
Process Management
Item Management
User Tasks
Dashboards and Reports
Microsoft Outlook® Integration
SOLIDWORKS PDM delivery solutions

PDM delivery solutions

The fastest way to adopt a standardized PDM solution. Data is stored in your own server environment.

Customized Implementation
When you need more than a FastTrack. Available only for PDM Professional licenses.

HostPLM / CloudPDM
Scalable solution to access your data from anywhere and on any device.

ClampOn AS

“The big learning from the process of moving to SOLIDWORKS and PDM actually has been to see all the capacity we gain by using good systems and working by good routines. And PDM has really helped us with this.”

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