Simulate structures, materials and more


With Abaqus, you can simulate products in complex scenarios using the finite element method. This is the software for complex structural and material simulations and more.

Simulate complex events accurately

SIMULIA Abaqus is a powerful simulation software. Empowered by decades of development it will equip you with the needed tools to realistically analyze complex events realistically with finite element analysis.

The analysis types of SIMULIA Abaqus:

  • Linear and nonlinear
  • Static and dynamic
  • Structural
  • Thermal
  • Electrochemical
  • Coupled analyses
  • And more

Resolve your product’s problems

With Abaqus, you can simulate virtually any engineering problem as it offers strong modeling capabilities and extensive material model options.

Abaqus modeling features:

  • Various element types
  • Contact
  • Material models
  • Connectors
  • Load applications
  • User subroutines
  • And more

The design of the perfect earbuds

A few years back SoundlyFit was on a mission to design the perfect product: earbuds that are not only comfortable but also stay in the ears and produce great sound.

Learn how did SIMULIA Abaqus create perfectly comfortable earbuds:

Tutorial: Getting Started with SIMULIA Abaqus

Simulate events, fast and slow

The most used solvers of Abaqus are Implicit (Standard) and Explicit. While the first one is made for studying slow events with a high level of detail, the latter one is the tool for examining fast phenomena.

Common outputs in Abaqus include:

  • Deformations
  • Velocities
  • Accelerations
  • Reaction forces
  • Stresses
  • Temperatures

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