Simulate structures, durability and more


SIMULIA Abaqus the industry-leading simulation software since 1987. With Abaqus your engineers can simulate products in complex situations utilizing finite element analysis.

Simulate structures, durability and more with SIMULIA Abaqus

Thanks to Abaqus’ long history in simulations you can perform simulations of highly complex events accurately.

SIMULIA Abaqus is the number one simulation tool for realistic simulations. Abaqus’ strength is its ability to simulate nonlinear events, which makes the simulations realistic and life like. There is no need to simplify the simulation at all.

With SIMULIA Abaqus you can realistically simulate your product’s:

  • static and dynamic loadings
  • contacts between parts
  • wide range of different materials
  • structural deformation

SIMULIA Abaqus capabilities

Abaqus is used in companies developing physical products across industries. With Abaqus you can simulate for example:

  • manufacturing effects
  • assembly effects
  • thermal loading
  • noise and vibration
  • materials
  • buckling and large deformation

Best-in-class companies simulates with SIMULIA Abaqus

What can engineers simulate with SIMULIA Abaqus?

With Abaqus, you can simulate a wide range of engineering problems, from static and dynamic analysis to fluid and thermal simulations. With a comprehensive library of material models, you can simulate nonlinear behavior and accurately represent the behavior of complex products.

You’ll be able to:

  • Identify and address potential safety issues in the product
  • Do early simulation tests of your design to avoid costly changes or redesigns
  • Work with a user-friendly interface and open architecture, where it is easy to set up, run, and visualize simulations, even for complex models

The design of earthquake-proof buildings

Zonneveld Ingenieurs achieved their goals of designing safe, sustainable, and comfortable buildings that prevents structural damage during earthquakes. SIMULIA Abaqus provided them with critical insights into the behaviour of structures under seismic loads.

SIMULIA Abaqus key features for engineers

Some of the key features of SIMULIA Abaqus include:

  • Linear and non-linear analysis
  • Explicit and implicit dynamics
  • Contact modeling

The software gives you the ability to create geometry, import CAD models, or integrate geometry-based meshes with no associated CAD geometry.

Moreover, SIMULIA Abaqus supports familiar concepts in computer-aided engineering:

  • Feature-based and parametric modelling
  • Interactive and scripted operation
  • GUI customization

A master in multi-physics simulation

When designing a lithium-ion battery, you don’t just simulate the electrochemical behaviour, but also the thermal runaway, the fluid dynamics of the electrolyte, and structural bending and swelling.
There are many things that have to sum up.

One of the advantages with the multiphysics simulation is that you can use the same model, element library, material data, and load history, to effortlessly expand your design to incorporate additional physics interactions.

Add fatigue analysis, parametric and topology optimization

Moreover, Abaqus provides access to additional capabilities:

  • fe-safe for fatigue analysis
  • Isight for parametric optimization
  • Tosca for topology and shape optimization

Get started with SIMULIA Abaqus

The video shows you an overview of the software including how to create a model, a part, how to rotate and autofit views and much more.

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Frequently asked questions

To make an informed choice about SIMULIA Abaqus, you need all the relevant information. Here are the answers to the questions we are asked most frequently.

Can I test Abaqus before I invest?

This depends on your needs and situation. Please reach out to our simulation sales representatives to hear more.

Can I run my structural analysis on parallel CPUs using Abaqus?

Yes, you can! You need tokens to run Abaqus on parallel CPUs. Contact us and we will explain this in more details.

What are my purchase alternatives?

From quarterly rentals to long-term ownership of the product, we offer a wide range of pricing structures.

I don’t understand the difference between SIMULIA and Abaqus. Are they the same product?

SIMULIA is the brand name for a wide range of simulation products (in all physical domains, such as structural, fluid dynamics, electromagnetics, etc.). Abaqus is SIMULIA’s world-known product in the field of structural analysis.

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