Simulate electromagnetics

SIMULIA CST Studio Suite

Simulate electromagnetics and design products that fulfil specifications on CST Studio Suite, the steady 3D electromagnetics simulation software.

electromagnetic simulation on human head

Your electromagnetics simulation software

On CST Studio Suite you can simulate your product’s:

  • electromagnetic features and performance (EM)
  • electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)

CST Studio Suite provides you with an understanding of your product’s electromagnetic characteristics that used to be beyond measurements.

Design better products

If your goal is to design great antennas, filters, connectors, printed circuit boards, electric motors, generators, sensors, touchscreens or IoT devices, CST is most likely the software you are looking for.

On CST Studio Suite you can simulate the following:

  • antennas
  • electromagnetic exposure to human body
  • electro-mechanical effects
  • thermal effects
  • large products
  • demanding wavelengths and frequencies
  • multi-physics

Don’t compromise with solvers

The all-in-one user interface in CST Studio Suite allows you to find the solver for any application. Add high-performance computing when you need it.

General-purpose solvers of CST Studio Suite:

  • time domain solver
  • frequency domain solver
  • integral equation solver
  • asymptotic solver
  • several other application-dedicated solvers

Antenna Design in CST Studio Suite

CST Studio Suite enables the design and placement of antenna systems that meet specifications, do not interfere with each other or become susceptible to interference from other systems.

Have a look at Antenna Engineering in CST Studio Suite!

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Anne Isohätälä

Senior EM Simulation Expert