Simulate motion, loading and stress


SIMULIA Simpack is the famous software for multibody systems simulation. With Simpack engineers can simulate products that consist of multiple bodies, forming a system.

Simulate multibody systems with Simpack

Simpack is the software for multibody dynamics simulation, also called multibody system simulation (MBS) or multibody simulation. With Simpack engineers can simulate products that form a system. Components of a system tend to behave differently depending alone and as part of the system, and Simpack is able to simulate that. Simpack’s speciality is that is can simulate multiple bodies and their behaviours in relation to other parts realistically – hence the name multibody system dynamics.

What can I simulate with Simpack?

Simpack is the multibody systems (MBS) simulation software from Dassault Systémes by which engineers can realistically simulate, analyze and visualize:

  • large and nonlinear motions
  • loadings
  • coupled forces
  • stresses
  • large translations and rotations
  • flexible bodies
  • real-time systems

Simpack Add-ons

Simpack can be tailored to following industries:

  • Cars, trains and all transportation
  • Roller coasters and all fairground rides
  • Engines and motors
  • machines and robotics
  • heavy mobile equipment
  • wind turbines
  • drivetrains and drivelines

Software or on the cloud?

Bring SIMULIA Simpack together with all the other design and simulation tools on 3DEXPERIENCE Platform, where everyone works with the same models. You’ll have access to native parametric data, version and change management, project management and sustainability tools and much more.

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