With SOLIDWORKS Plastics you can optimize design of plastics parts and injection molds in the early stages of product development. Avoid costly and time-consuming manufacturing processes today.

Optimize your plastic parts and
avoid costly manufacturing processes

SOLIDWORKS Plastics is a computer-aided engineering (CAE) simulation software tool that predicts how melted plastic flows during the injection molding process.

SOLIDWORKS Plastics injection molding simulation method is used to produce over 80 percent of all plastics products. It can quickly evaluate manufacturability while you design, eliminate costly mold rework, improve part quality, and accelerate time to market.

Included in SOLIDWORKS Plastics is a built-in automated report generation tool – Result Adviser – that provides troubleshooting steps and practical design advice to help diagnose and avoid potential problems. Make your development team even more productive now!

Why SOLIDWORKS Plastics?

There are plenty of reasons. Here are three important benefits:

  • Optimize the injection molding process and save time, money and resources
  • Increase productivity with automated report generation tools
  • Predict and avoid manufacturing defects

Our packages

SOLIDWORKS Plastics Standard

SOLIDWORKS Plastics Standard is a easy-to-use, intuitive simulation software for plastic parts, fully integrated with SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD. Analyze and modify designs for manufacturability by optimizing form, fit, and function. With Web-based HTML reports you can communicate simulation results and share design advice easier.


SOLIDWORKS Plastics Professional

SOLIDWORKS Plastics Professional builds upon Standard to optimize mold designs. With easy-to-use tools you can quickly analyse single- and multicavity and family mold layouts including sprues, runners and gates to estimate cycle time and optimize feed system design. It also includes tools to quickly quote tooling projects.


SOLIDWORKS Plastics Premium

SOLIDWORKS Plastics Premium gives you complete understanding of your tool design and molding process. It includes everything in Professional plus advanced simulation functionality that allows you to analyze mold cooling line layouts and predict molded part warpage. Design and analyze mold cooling line layouts, optimize cooling system and much more.

Want to see full package features?

SOLIDWORKS Plastics comes in three different packages scalable to meet the needs of your business. Find the perfect fit for you.

Functions and features

Functions and featuresSOLIDWORKS Plastics StandardSOLIDWORKS Plastics ProfessionalSOLIDWORKS Plastics Premium
Ease of Use
Materials Database
Parallel Computing (Multi-core)
Filling Phase (1st Stage Injection)
Instantaneous Fill Time Plot
Sink Mark Analysis
eDrawings Support
Fill Time
Ease of Fill
Results Adviser
Pressure at End of Fill
Flow Front Temperature
Temperature at End of Fill
Shear Rate
Cooling Time
Weld Lines
Air Traps
Sink Marks
Frozen Layer Fraction at End of Fill
Clamp Force
Cycle Time
Symmetry Analysis
Packing Phase (2nd Stage Injection)
Runner Balancing
Runner Design Wizard
Sprues and Runners
Hot and Cold Runners
Multi-cavity Molds
Family Molds
Mold Inserts
Volumetric Shrinkage
Density at End of Pack
Export with Mechanical Properties ABAQUS®, ANSYS, DigiMat®
Cooling Lines
Baffles and Bubblers
Conformal Cooling Channels
Runner Domain Category
Sink Mark Profiles
Mold Temperature at Cooling End
Displacement Due to Residual Stress

Want to learn more? Download SOLIDWORKS Plastics product sheet here.

Modulpac AB

“Previously, we were forced to guess the cycle time of the injection molding process if we did not have a similar existing product. If we guessed wrong, we could lose business because we were too expensive or put the price too low, which would lead to a loss. With SOLIDWORKS Plastics, we get an accurate calculation of the cycle time, so our sales department can offer our customers the right price.”

Frequently asked questions

To make an informed choice about SOLIDWORKS Plastics, you need all the relevant information. Here are the answers to the questions we are asked most frequently.

Can I test SOLIDWORKS Simulation before I invest?

If you consider moving into virtual testing, our SOLIDWORKS Simulation trial offers is a great way to learn about your possibilities and determine your needs. Get a free trial.

Can I rent SOLIDWORKS Simulation?

When you need SOLIDWORKS Simulation for a short term project, term license could be the best option for you.

Term licenses offer flexible deployment of SOLIDWORKS Simulation licenses, which could be useful for example start-ups, contractors, consultants, who gain full access to excellent tools with maximum flexibility at a low cost. You also have the option to mix term and perpetual licenses.

Read more about options for renting SOLIDWORKS Simulation.

I already have SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD, why do I need SOLIDWORKS Simulation?

You have designed the perfect product in SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD and your work is done but how do you make sure that your design performs as intended when used under the demanding conditions of the real world?

With SOLIDWORKS Simulation you can perform structural and thermal analyses, computational fluid dynamics, high-cycle fatigue simulation, plastic injection molding analyses and much more. Run several iterations through the software and design products for the real world.

Is SOLIDWORKS Simulation CPU or GPU intensive?

We recommend that you combine a CPU clock speed of at least 3,3 GHz with 32 GB RAM and an SSD. Finally, Dassault Systèmes have official recommendations for which GPU is qualified to use with SOLIDWORKS.

Using a workstation, which adheres to these recommendations will give you a smooth experience with SOLIDWORKS software products.

Read more about the things to consider when choosing hardware for SOLIDWORKS.

Term Licensing – a scalable model

With our flexible and scalable licensing options, you can rent your software for a 3-month, 6-month or 1-year period – all depending on your need.

SOLIDWORKS Term Licensing
Renting a license is a good option. It gives you easy access to excellent tools and full flexibility at a low cost.

With a Term License you have access to the same level of support as Perpetual License customers on Subscription Service. Plus, free access to MySolidWorks Professional, Certifications and SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal.

As a customer you have the option to mix and match Term and Perpetual Licenses.

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