Simulation is not only about making sure your product works. It’s about understanding how your product will perform in the real world. With SOLIDWORKS Simulation you can evaluate performance, improve quality and boost product innovation.

Boost innovation with simulation

“What if?” is the question that inspires and fuels innovation. With SOLIDWORKS Simulation you can set up virtual real-world environments for static linear simulation, time-based motion and high-cycle fatigue simulation to test your product before manufacturing.

SOLIDWORKS Simulation gives product engineers access to powerful Finite Element Analysis (FEA) capabilities that speed up product innovation. Test against a broad range of parameters such as durability, static and dynamic response, assembly motion, heat transfer, fluid dynamics and plastic injection molding.

With SOLIDWORKS Simulation you can address complex and important engineering challenges early in the development process.

Why SOLIDWORKS Simulation?

There are plenty of reasons. Here are three important benefits:

  • Reduce costs and material waste
  • Explore innovative designs with less risk taking
  • Shorten design process and time-to-market

Our packages


Simulation Standard

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Standard is a simple and intuitive virtual testing environment where you can test, iterate and validate your designs from SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD. With the possibility to perform static linear simulation, time-based motion and fatigue simulation, enable you to determine key physical properties of your designs with great ease.


Simulation Professional

With SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional, you get an in-depth knowledge and understanding of your design and how it will react in under different circumstances. Get all the answers to your questions with features for trying your products strength-to-weight ratio, frequency, or stiffness.


Simulation Premium

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium is for tough engineering problems like advanced dynamics, nonlinear and fatigue simulation. In addition to Simulation Standard and Professional, this powerful package provides an expanded selection of reliable and advanced tools for nonlinear and dynamic composites component.

Want to see full package features?

SOLIDWORKS Simulation comes in three different packages scalable to meet the needs of your business. Find the perfect fit for you.

Functions and features

Functions and features SIMULATION StandardSIMULATION ProfessionalSIMULATION Premium
Concurrent Engineering
Finite Element Analysis
Contacts and Connectors
Post Processing
Communication (Reports and results)
Linear Static Simulation for Assembly
Time Based Mechanism Motion Simulation
Design Comparison Studies
Fatigue Simulation
Trend Tracker
Design Optimisation
Advanced Contacts & Connectors
Event-Based Motion Simulation
Frequency Simulation
Buckling or Collapse Simulation
Structural Thermal Simulation
Drop Test Simulation
Pressure Vessel Design Simulation
Submodeling Simulation
2D Simplification
Non Linear Simulation
Dynamic Simulation
Composites Components Simulation

Gear up with simulation tools

OMotion is a growing company that use simulation when developing new unique and electric vehicles.

“We have been able to simulate this directly in SOLIDWORKS to validate the design and guarantee durability and safety”,
says CEO and founder Ola Svensson.

Frequently asked questions

To make an informed choice about SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD, you need all the relevant information. Here are the answers to the questions we are asked most frequently.

Term Licensing – a scalable model

With our flexible and scalable licensing options, you can choose to rent or buy the software – all depending on your need.

SOLIDWORKS Term Licensing
Renting a license is a good option. It gives you easy access to excellent tools and full flexibility at a low cost.

With a Term License you have access to the same level of support as Perpetual License customers on Subscription Service. Plus, free access to MySolidWorks Professional, Certifications and SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal.

As a customer you have the option to mix and match Term and Perpetual Licenses.

Download resources

  • A buyer’s guide to SOLIDWORKS Simulation: Standard, Professional and Premium

    This e-book explains the distinctions between solutions like Simulation Standard, Professional and Premium. It also dives into a case showing you just how much of a difference a Simulation solution can make in term of product quality, material use, prototyping and time-to-market.

  • A buyer’s guide to SOLIDWORKS Simulation: Flow & Plastics

    Simulation is not only about making sure your product works; it is also about understanding HOW your product will behave in the real world. This e-book dives into functions and features showing you how you can achieve an easier and faster design process, reduced costs and faster time-to-market.

  • Step-up to Simulation – Chapter 1: An introduction

    Virtual prototyping is cutting product development cycles and allowing manufacturers to bring better products to market, faster than ever before. And the best news of all? The tools are no longer exclusively available to large manufacturers with deep pockets. In this eBook you will get an introduction to the benefits…

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