Success Stories


Products: SOLIDWORKS PDM software

Industries: 3D Printing

“SOLIDWORKS is a great CAD package because it makes us fast. The world moves fast, and we have to move faster to stay ahead of the competition. SOLIDWORKS is a key differentiator because we can maintain the speed that is critical to our success as the company grows.”

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Products: SOLIDWORKS Simulation software

Industries: Transportation

“The greatest benefit from SOLIDWORKS is that we are able to test out different choices with the simulation tools before making any physical prototypes. The results of the simulation are verified with physical prototypes. After this, the results are presented for supervisors or the management, and SOLIDWORKS makes it easier to explain those results in

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Lund University

Products: 3D Systems ProX DMP

Industries: 3D Printing

“My vision is that the Demo Lab can contribute actively to the adoption of Additive Manufacturing among the companies in the region by demonstrating how we can manufacture better and more efficient metal parts.”

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3DTech Ltd

Products: HP Jet Fusion 3D 4200

Industries: 3D Printing and Engineering Services

“We have only just started using the printer and we have high expectations for it. First and foremost, we expect it to meet HP’s specifications. In real terms, time will tell how things turn out, but we do have a great deal of faith and hope that everything will just work as expected.”  

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Skypark SIA


Industries: Industrial Machinery and Transportation

“By introducing SOLIDWORKS products in our work, the design process improved significantly – it was a time saver. We began to build libraries of the most used parts and components and improved and accelerated collaboration with suppliers when receiving and using the necessary components in 3D model files.”

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