Agrometer A/S

The challenge

Founded in 1977, Agrometer A/S is a global supplier of pumps and applications for irrigation, clean water, slurry, and all types of wastewater. Agrometer A/S ‘s technical communication and spare part catalogs have been a bottleneck in the design process for many years.

The solution

When the company researched the market to find a suitable technical communication tool, they were looking for one that could work seamlessly with SolidWorks, the company’s standard CAD software. They found that the recently introduced SOLIDWORKS Composer was exactly what they needed.

Before they invested in SOLIDWORKS Composer, Agrometer A/S used PDFs from SolidWorks 3D assemblies as the input for spare part illustrations. “It was a very time-consuming method for several reasons. First, you had to wait until the designer had finished the 3D model before you could start to work on the documentation, and also the files of the SolidWorks models were so big that it took a long time to complete a spare part document. The 3D model contains so much information that we don’t need for the documentation and it forced our computers to work hard with unnecessary information,” explains Technical Designer Carina Jensen.

The success

  • SOLIDWORKS Composer is very easy to understand and work with
  • Cutting production time in half
  • Work simultaneously with design and documentation
Agrometer A/S

“The most important benefit for us is that you can save time by working simultaneously with design and documentation.”

Carina Jensen