DAVINCI development A/S

  • Complex simulations are performed in-house rather than using external consultants
  • Faster path to precise and useful results
  • Possible to conduct many analysis iterations fast and use the results in the final designs
  • Better collaboration between design and simulation
  • Better communication with customers


The Engineering Consultancy DAVINCI development, headquartered in the Danish town of Billund was founded in 2000. The focus of the company is to present itself to its customers as a complete and integrated engineering partner and it has established a comprehensive in-house 3D printing facility. DAVINCI development has offices in Skovlunde near Copenhagen, Højbjerg at Aarhus and in Sønderborg. In connection with a development project around a new racing car, it was necessary for the company to be able to make efficient and accurate aerodynamic flow simulations of new bodywork based on composite materials.


In connection with a recent racing car engineering project DAVINCI development has invested in simulation software and gained a number of business benefits. Complex simulation tasks that were previously done by external service providers are now performed in-house.

Thousands of a second is the difference between success and failure in racing. Optimization of even tiny details in for instance aerodynamics can make cars faster and at the same time more environmentally friendly. Earlier, engineers had to build physical models of the cars and manually test their aerodynamic behavior in wind tunnels. With virtual flow simulations the analysis work has become both a lot faster, easier and more accurate.

The Danish Engineering Consultancy DAVINCI development has developed a DTC class racing car bodywork based on composite materials for its customer, High Class Racing. The participation in the engineering project led the company to look for a software solution for flow simulation and after after comparing a number of simulation solutions DAVINCI development chose for SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation from PLM Group.

Quick and accurate results with simulation

Structural Specialist Martin Ambo, DAVINCI development, explains:
“The main challenge of the project was to internally establish an approach to efficiently and accurately do flow simulations of the new bodywork. The goal was to streamline the car bodies compared to the existing bodywork of the cars that already competing in the DTC series. The software has enabled us to carry out the simulations very quickly and accurately, and we do not have to even consider any kind of manual testing as for instance wind tunnel tests of physical scale models.”

Better communication with customers

According to Team Manager R&D Thomas Mielec, DAVINCI development chose for SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation both because the software offers a very good price / performance relationship compared to competing solutions and at the same time meets the requirements of the company:
“We can very quickly reach analytical results while presenting the results in a visually based way that makes them easy to understand and communicate to other involved parties in a project.”

Closer cooperation

The introduction of the simulation software has resulted in an even closer cooperation between the simulation specialists and the designers at DAVINCI development, and made it possible to quickly test different design concepts. Thomas Mielec says:
“During the project we have had effective cooperation between the teams. Although the racing car project time frame was very compressed, we were able to complete many iterations of analyzes and incorporate the results of the simulations into the final design.”

Cross company benefits

Thomas Mielec emphasizes that the simulation software also has contributed to the realization of a number of different business benefits across the company:
“For example, the sales department has got a much better tool for communicating with our current and potential customers around our competencies in design and simulation. With the software, we can much more efficiently than previously present all the participants in our projects for the results of our analyzes.”

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