Elmo Design

  • 3D data produced by engineering can be utilized through the company’s value chain
  • SOLIDWORKS software have enhanced the speed, quality and versatility of the engineering work
  • Fully integrated innovation platform
  • All the engineering data located in the same system; the latest product and manufacturing data is easily available for all the employees despite the time and location
  • New innovative projects with customers


Elmo Design Ltd, founded in 1998, provides creative engineering solutions. Their services cover product development, industrial design, mechanical engineering, and 3D modeling and visualization. The company is located in Salo, Finland, and currently employs 5 persons. The customers of Elmo Design have different needs, in which they wanted to respond with one software. In addition, the company wanted to develop their innovation strategy and minimize time and costs.


When Elmo Design was founded in 1998, the company chose SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD as their design software. First customer-based engineering orders were created with the help of the software, and ever since has Elmo Design used SOLIDWORKS software with no regrets.

”When we founded this company, we needed an efficient and versatile engineering software. We chose SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD through PLM Group (CadOn Oy that time) as we were confident on both the software and the reseller. It was a right choice as SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD has perfectly matched our needs. In addition, we have also found other solutions from the SOLIDWORKS product portfolio. As a reseller, PLM Group has been supporting us with the issues and questions relating to the software,” explains Pekka Uski, the CEO of Elmo Design.

From customer wish to prototype

Elmo Design has currently three SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD licenses and three SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional licenses. In spring 2017, the company invested in SOLIDWORKS MBD and SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional.

Niklas Drugge, Industrial Designer at Elmo Design, uses SOLIDWORKS software solutions in daily product engineering and emphasizes the user-friendliness of SOLIDWORKS. “SOLIDWORKS has multiple benefits. With SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD it is relatively easy to create designs according to customer’s wishes. The user interface is neat and the software is flexible which allows designs ready-for-production. From technical perspective, especially feature tree enables smooth working with the model as moving from a step to another in a solid is easy. We also use configuration tools, for example exploded images. Overall, the solution is diverse and cost-effective.”

elmodesign-2-300x148”Basically, we don’t face any major challenges with our engineering work. Still, the dominating factor in our engineering is the customer wish and product requirements. In some cases, using SOLIDWORKS has been the key for closing a deal as the customer has been also using SOLIDWORKS. That way, working is smooth as both have the same software and there is no need to think about for example file transfers and formats. Depending on a project, my work is very versatile. Yesterday I designed mechanics for plastic parts in an electronic device, maybe next week I’ll sketch rapid product concepts and visualizations. SOLIDWORKS serves every step of my working, and I am able to create practically anything due to its flexibility,” continues Niklas.

Trainings to boost working

Elmo Design has taken part in SOLIDWORKS trainings organized by PLM Group. They experience benefits in daily working. “We have participated in trainings organized at PLM Group Training center. In addition, PLM Group customized a few trainings only for our company. We participated in for example SOLIDWORKS Sheet Metal training, and trainings have helped us generally solve practical problems in designing particular products. Also, trainings have provided us with lots of practical examples of using SOLIDWORKS,” explains Pekka. “Currently we are planning to take advantage of the Training Agreement offered by PLM Group. With the agreement, we could boost our working even further,” continues Niklas.

Seeing future as close partners

From PLM Group, Elmo Design experiences to have received an all-inclusive solution which can be tailored according to constantly changing needs of the company. Also, the company has got high-quality trainings and support for SOLIDWORKS products. The relationship between Elmo Design and PLM Group has been friendly since 1998.

”The cooperation with PLM Group has been problem-free, and we have recently purchased SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional and SOLIDWORKS MBD. With these new investments, we are able to serve better customers who emphasize the visual content of the product – rapid visualizations are an asset for us when a customer is evaluating engineering services. The more efficient the software is for us, the more efficient solutions the customers are offered by us,” explains Niklas.

“SOLIDWORKS product family offers us one efficient innovation platform, which is perfectly balanced with price and quality. The platform enables smooth and seamless working both inside our company and with customers and partners. Together with our customers, Elmo Design wants to be the pathfinder for drawingless manufacturing. SOLIDWORKS MBD makes this even more possible than before. Overall, we see the cooperation between PLM Group and SOLIDWORKS very fruitful. We have been happy with the software right from the start, and especially SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional has recently brought us savings in time. Without SOLIDWORKS, there would be no Elmo Design. And PLM Group brought us together,” concludes Pekka.

Products: SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD, SolidWorks PDM Professional, SOLIDWORKS MBD, SOLIDWORKS Visualize

Industries: Engineering Services and High Tech - Electronics