Fors MW

The challenge

Faster development was the challenge for Fors MW, the Swedish / Estonian manufacturer of small and medium-scale customer-oriented transportation and processing equipment for forestry, agriculture, and bioenergy. The development process for both new products and the update of existing ones needed to be shortened and it was decided that investment into 3D CAD was the best solution.

The solution

When choosing between several CAD systems, there was no doubt SolidWorks was ideal because it offers functionality, efficiency, and user-friendliness.

The CAD system is used to create and manage both parts and large assemblies. Strength calculations and optimization of the designs are carried out using SolidWorks Simulation. Today the development period of a new product design is only a few months.

“Using SolidWorks is it possible for us to develop more advanced products faster and the CAD-system covers all our needs in the development process. Today, we are able to design all the parts and assemblies we need in 3D and subsequently perform strength calculations and stress analysis in SolidWorks Simulation. Our development process has become significantly faster,” explains Project Manager Ago Kakko.

He also emphasizes the benefits of using SolidWorks Simulation. “We calculate the strength of parts in our cranes and trailers in order to optimize them. Simulation has become a useful and essential tool in our product development around new products.” Kakko estimates that using simulation for the design of new products can lead to 20 percent savings in material costs. Simulation is used heavily on the development of new products because of regulations and to avoid excessive use of materials.

Among others, the advantages Fors MW has gained using SolidWorks, Kakko mentions that the generation of drawings is easier and all kinds of documents required for production and documentation are based on the same 3D model. He also points out the ability to use 3D information as a means of more effective communication with customers. “From time to time our customers are asking about specific details of our products. It is much easier and faster to answer their queries by discussing on the basis of a 3D model in eDrawings than to communicate in writing back and forth via email,” he says.

The success

  • With SolidWorks development process significantly faster
  • 20 percent savings in material costs
  • More effective communication with customers
Fors MW

"With the 3D models of the products, the first prototype has higher accuracy and this limits the number of prototypes needed during the development period making the process more streamlined and faster.”

Ago Kakko