LED iBond

The challenge

Danish company LED iBond develops solutions for LED lighting. LED iBond’s patented technology has since 2001 been used as lighting in a wide variety of projects; from shelf lighting in pharmacies to large outdoor projects such as lighting port bridges. LED iBond has rapidly grown from 5 to 15 employees at the office in Kongens Lyngby.

The solution

LED iBond technology makes it possible to create lighting solutions that are both smaller, more flexible, and more economical. The company’s products are developed in SOLIDWORKS, which means that all the different tasks during the development process can be handled internally. That way the product reaches the customers faster, and 3D drawings and renderings make it easier for the customer to visualize the solution.

LED iBond credit SOLIDWORKS with slashing both design and manufacture time. With its calculations and blueprints loaded onto SOLIDWORKS, the team has been able to make decisions on materials far more quickly than it was previously able to. Navigating its fledgling products in 3D means the design team can exploit every millimeter of space available.

LED iBond has also incorporated SOLIDWORKS Composer into the design and marketing process of its business. Composer is a visual communication tool that translates SOLIDWORKS CAD data into high-resolution photorealistic product images, with full 3D and zooms flexibility. That means the LED iBond team can share detailed images of its designs to both clients and manufacturers. In a nutshell: clients can see what they are getting; manufacturers can see how it’s built.

SOLIDWORKS’ ubiquity also means LED iBond can share designs far more effectively with manufacturing subcontractors. This drastically reduces the likelihood of mistakes at the manufacturing end, saving time and money.


The success

  • SOLIDWORKS enables bringing products to customers faster
  • Quicker decisions on materials reduce design and manufacturing time
  • 3D drawings and renderings make it easier to visualize the solutions
LED iBond

"SOLIDWORKS has helped us in developing our products. We get everything to the customer much quicker. The lead-time is a lot faster and we can keep everything internal in the organization."

Andreas Holst Johansen