The challenge

Design and innovation company MOEF A/S was founded in 2001 in Copenhagen and has nine employees engaged in the design and product development. MOEF cooperates with a number of leading Danish companies on product development and develops its own products – recently the underwater action camera called Paralenz, which is designed for divers.

The solution

Underwater action camera Paralenz is developed based on the wishes and needs of divers. One important requirement was that the camera should be easy to mount and use – even with gloves and other equipment on. One of the major challenges in development also was to find the optimal buoyancy to prevent the camera from sinking.

Paralenz is an underwater action camera with a lower weight, smaller size, and maximum waterproofness. By applying the right design and materials designers have eliminated the need for an extra casing. This diving gear has also a safety factor, you can record and log your dives all the way down to 200 meters (656 feet).

Paralenz was developed in SOLIDWORKS and continuously tested with 3D printed models. We asked the development team from MOEF to tell us about the product development process. Check it out in the video:

NOTE! In the video, the camera is called Octospot. The product name has since then been changed to Paralenz.

The success

  • Product development in SOLIDWORKS followed by 3D printed prototypes
  • Design based on end-user requirements
  • Easy mounting and use

"SOLIDWORKS is really fast and easy to use. It is really intuitive, which means that I can quickly come up with an idea, draw it up in SOLIDWORKS and then 3D print it to test if it works."

Thomas Sønderby