Motoplast Oy

The challenge

Motoplast Oy is a part of the Finnish industrial group Motoral. Motoplast has 30 years of experience in the Rotational Molding of plastic products for the Nordic industry. When Motoplast Oy receives 3D models of products from customers, they are often not designed by specialists in rotational molding. Those products do not fit particularly well with the production process nor gain the full benefits from the design freedom the process offers.

The solution

Motoplast Oy decided to move this part of the product development in-house by investing in SolidWorks and hiring a designer with extensive expertise in designing plastic products, explains development engineer Henri Ström. ”We wanted to streamline our entire process by being able to deliver turnkey solutions and build closer working relationships with customers. Furthermore, we wanted to be more competitive in the Finnish marketplace for rotationally molded products. We aim always to be at the forefront of the technological developments in our business area while delivering maximum value to our partners.”

Motoplast is very interested in expanding the use of SolidWorks to simulate and test the strength of the products. Henri Ström also points out that introducing SolidWorks Enterprise PDM could benefit the company’s business process. “We want to use PDM to integrate our design work into the supply and manufacturing chain by integrating our ERP and design software with our partners’ ERP and MRP systems. This would fit very nicely with our role in the process.”

The success

  • Using SolidWorks it is easier to acquire new customers
  • Better collaboration with customers
  • We have streamlined the entire process
Motoplast Oy

”It has become a lot easier for us to acquire new customers. By using SolidWorks we easily create contacts with companies that have development projects, because we can make virtual prototypes and visualize what a solution might look like in a matter of hours. In this context, SolidWorks is a very powerful tool.”

Henri Ström