• Creating drawings is automated using Design Automation, now it takes seconds instead of days
  • Fast upload of drawings and rendered images for marketing
  • Engineers have more time to develop products instead of creating drawings
  • Customers can order the products quickly from website without engineers involved


NGI A/S is the world leading manufacturer of a wide range of machine feet in stainless steel and reinforced polyamide for adjustment, stabilization and vibration absorption of all types of machines and equipment. NGI´s products are carefully specified and designed to comply with the various hygienic demands that apply in Europe and the USA.


Customers of NGI are offered customized solutions in machine feet and other rubber and metal products in stainless steel. It can be small adjustments to one of our standard products, or a completely different design or product that you want to apply to the machines and equipment.

Previously, documenting all these parts was time consuming and difficult, and the sales process was too long. Check out the video above learn how NGI solved the challenges with a Design Automation solution.


Products: DRIVEWORKS, SOLIDWORKS Premium 3D CAD software, SolidWorks PDM Professional

Industries: Industrial Equipment, Manufacturing, and Medical