Norwin A/S

The challenge

Norwin A/S develops customized wind turbines manufactured by licensees. Previously the entire development of the wind turbines was done using a 2D CAD system. The manual updates of information can sometimes result in differences in the information found in the BOM’s, Excel spreadsheets as well as the information found in the 2D CAD drawings. Therefore the expectations of the effects of implementing SolidWorks Enterprise PDM were high for Norwin A/S.

The solution

The PDM system will ensure complete control of both versions of BOMs, 3D models, and manufacturing drawings and the history of other types of information to licensees. The licensees will ultimately be linked more closely to the PDM system, so information can also be controlled via the system.

In addition to 3D CAD and PDM Norwin A/S has also taken SolidWorks Simulation for FEM analysis and strength calculations as well as simulation of movements.

The success

  • PDM ensures complete control of both versions of BOM’s, 3D models, and manufacturing drawings
  • Make designs based on configurations and variant construction in the 3D CAD system
Norwin A/S

”We have taken a strategic decision that all our future development and major modifications to our existing models shall be done in 3D with SolidWorks. In addition, the management of all our product information will be done with SolidWorks Enterprise PDM.”

Niels Peter Kofoed