Överums Bruk AB

The challenge

Överums Bruk AB develops and manufactures agricultural equipment. Before SolidWorks, the company used CATIA V4 for mechanical design, but they needed a 3D CAD system that could deal with solids.

The solution

After comparing SolidWorks with CATIA V5 and Pro/Engineer, they chose SolidWorks because it had the best value for the money and contained all the 3D CAD functionality they needed. Överums Bruk AB is very satisfied with how large assemblies work in SolidWorks and how all information about a product is gathered in the same place in the 3D model. They also have invested in SolidWorks Enterprise PDM for all six engineers in the product development department.

SolidWorks Enterprise PDM makes it easy for them to keep track of all their drawings so they are sure they always work with the latest version. The more legacy 2D drawings they implement in the new 3D system, the more time they can save in the product development process.

They find SolidWorks eDrawings to be very useful and they use the files frequently in both the production and the marketing departments. And finally, the company uses SolidWorks Premium software for verifying strength analyses on critical design details.

The success

  • SolidWorks gives the best value for money
  • Excellent large-assembly capabilities
  • Seamless integration with SolidWorks Enterprise PDM
  • Better overview minimizes the risk of design errors
  • eDrawings® are very useful, in both production and marketing
Överums Bruk AB

“Having all the information about a product together in one place in a 3D model is a big benefit with SolidWorks that increases security and product quality.”

Daniel Wikner