Produktställ AB

The challenge

Produktställ AB is a leading supplier of in-store displays, custom interior fittings, and turnkey-ready shops within a shop, serving customers ranging from Thule and Black & Decker to Nestlé and Ericsson. With limited lead times between order and delivery, every phase of Produktställ’s development process needs to operate efficiently. The company needed to automate the production of assembly instructions to shorten lead times and support growth.

The solution

Produktställ AB invested in the SolidWorks Composer software because it is easy to use and automates the production of assembly instructions.

The company also values the manner in which the software works with the design environment of SolidWorks and its capabilities for creating multimedia content to support future business growth.

By implementing SolidWorks Composer, Produktställ cut assembly instruction development time from three hours to 15 minutes, increased the efficiency of its Design Group by 70 to 80 percent, improved the quality and breadth of its sales presentations, and helped drive annual company growth of 30 percent.

The success

  • Using SolidWorks Composer we cut assembly instruction development time from three hours to 15 minute
  • Increased efficiency of design group by 70 to 80 percent
  • Improved quality and breadth of sales presentations
  • Supported annual company growth of 30 percent
Produktställ AB

"SolidWorks Composer has helped us to eliminate an irritating bottleneck in the design process. It’s not only faster to develop assembly instructions with SolidWorks Composer, but it also allows us to complete the instructions earlier in the process, both of which help us accelerate delivery to the customer.”

Per Thulin