Skypark SIA

  • Significant time savings in production process
  • Improved and accelerated cooperation with suppliers and partners
  • It is controlled and understandable environment for all the engineers


When starting the business, we designed metal structures using simple two-dimensional programs and initially it was enough. But while designing more and more complex nodes and constructions we noticed that it was more time consuming. There was a need for new solutions and new opportunities.


SIA Skypark has been working with production of robotized parking lots for over 10 years and in this time, company has grown and developed offering a full range of production cycles – starting from metal design and manufacturing till the installation and maintenance of finished parking lots.


The service offered by SIA Skypark is used not only in Riga, but also in such big cities like Moscow, St.Petersburg, Kazan and others. Boxparking robotized parking equipment is a sophisticated mechanical solution that provides complete automated parking. Whole system works without human participation. How does it work? Driver parks his car in the entrance box and leaves. The parking device selects a free cell and automatically transfers the car to its intended location. When the driver is ready to go – parking device moves the car back to the entrance box facing the exit.


SIA Skypark offers a unique product that is worth thinking of – watch the video and learn more!


Industries: Industrial Machinery and Transportation