TH. Frobenius og Sønner Orgelbyggeri A/S

  • Time savings in product development
  • Renderings done with SolidWorks have proven to be a very convincing sales tool
  • Ability to reuse standard components
  • Using 3D CAD you can see how the parts behave in relation to each other
  • Eliminated many errors and the problems of possible collisions has disappeared


Th. Frobenius has built organs in Denmark for over 100 years. The construction of an organ presents challenges very similar to the construction of a complicated machine. Hiding behind the fine joinery and woodcarvings are extremely complicated mechanics. Inside the organ’s house is a complex web of moving mechanics and tubes carrying air to the organ pipes, which the organist turns into wonderful music.

TH. Frobenius og Sønner Orgelbyggeri A/S


SolidWorks assisted in the design of a ground breaking church organ to save time and money and allow for a new construction method for the organ pipes. They used SolidWorks in the complete design of the organs. The whole organ includes pipes and all of the mechanisms and air systems are designed using SolidWorks.


Industries: Consumer Products and Industrial Machinery