PLM Group Customer Support

PLM Group´s On-Line support portal, telephone support, full upgrades, new versions, special releases, add-on features, webinars, exclusive video recordings, seminars and customer events are all designed for our Subscription Customers to help you improve your performance and productivity, keeping you competitive in your field. Having access to expert advice and assistance from a fully certified support engineer can mean the difference between success and failure.

We have local frontlines for serving our customers with local resources and local languages. Pan-Nordic backline is brand new way to make the best even better, by mobilizing the best in class technical knowledge from all of our countries – Sweden, Denmark, Finland & Estonia. We are the Nordic area´s largest SolidWorks value added reseller with over 100 employees. Taking full advantage of our size we are able to create unique support team no one else can offer.

Pan-Nordic backline makes it possible for us to allocate the best possible resources available. Backline will be used by default for complex and time consuming cases while local frontlines focus is to give instant solution. For our customers this means reduced processing time and possibility to be served by the support technician with best relevant competence.

Cross border communication is handled in English language by default. However if customer does not feel comfortable to use English, local frontlines will help out and work as a middleman. Local frontlines will always ask acceptance from the customer before assigning the support ticket to the backline.


Customer Satisfaction

We believe in transparency. That’s why we display and share our customer satisfaction information as it happens. This is a real-time indicator which reflects the 100 most recent support cases, where our end-users give us an indication of his/her satisfaction, via a customer survey.

*Chart is based on the 100 most recent surveys

Virtual Advisor

If your technical support case warrants, our “Virtual Advisor” capability enables our support engineers to view and take control of your desktop over the web. This feature also offers:

  • An instant remote technical support session for users
  • Easy data transfer of files between user and support staff via the internet
  • Accurate system information and screen capture transferability

Access SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal

Gain full access to an expansive web-based repository of in-depth information and valuable resources. Submit Service Requests (SRs), Software Performance Reports (SPRs), and Enhancement Requests. Access the Knowledge Base, all technical content and join discussion forums to connect with other members of the SolidWorks Community.

New Software Releases

Receive new versions of SolidWorks software to further improve your performance and productivity

Service Pack´s

Download service pack upgrades of the most current version of SolidWorks software

Software Upgrades

With each new major SolidWorks software release, PLM Group hosts free update seminars


The CSWP (Certified SolidWorks Professional) and CSWA (Certified SolidWorks Associate) exams


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