3DEXPERIENCE: Tasks in Collaborative Business Innovator

How to use tasks with Collaborative Business Innovator in 3DEXPERIENCE

You need to handle out assignments;
we have tools to distribute tasks. 

This is a follow up to the blog post “SOLIDWORKS and Collaborative Business Innovator – how do they work together?”, which could be advisable to read before looking into this one. In this blog post, I will provide a brief overview of how it’s possible to continue collaborate on the Universal Joint project using some of the tools available in the Collaborative Business Innovator role.

As you might remember from the last blog post I submitted a question to Lars whether the hole at the top of the bracket should have a larger diameter. This question was posted in a community specifically created for this project which makes it easy to keep track of all communication regarding this specific project and the information is not spread out in different emails, Skype chats and so on.

To make sure that he doesn’t forget to update the hole diameter, Lars has created a task to remind him.

Lars has created a task in the community for the Universal Joint project. As can be seen at the upper right corner of the task it’s currently set to “To Do” indicating that this has not yet been done.

Once he has updated the model, he can edit the task and set its status to “Done” to indicate that it is completed.

The next week I get feedback from the customer that he wants to change the colour of one part in the CAD model. I don’t have time to fix it immediately, so I create a task to remind myself.

The next day I’ve time to change the colour of the model to accommodate the customers wishes. I also make sure to notify Lars about the change, so he knows why the model has changed colour. I can do that directly in SOLIDWORKS Task Pane by selecting the component, clicking the information icon to the very right in the toolbar and selecting the comment-tab. Lars will then receive a notification about the changes.


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