PLM Webinars

Webinar: The death of routine and birth of innovation

You are probably aware that most engineers have to perform on a very tight time schedule. PLM Group Product Specialist Petter Månsson explains how your company can reap the benefits of the ultimate value generated by your engineers – innovation of profitable new products. Give your SOLIDWORKS data a health check – GET STARTED FOR

SOLIDWORKS: Design for Manufacturing

How to design high quality products cost-effectively and fast? This webinar will give an overview of the most common design and manufacturing challenges. Topics that will be discussed: • SOLIDWORKS Design for Manufacturing Solutions • Why is DFM Important? • DFMXpress • DFMPro for SOLIDWORKS from HCL-Geometric • Other DFM Tools in SOLIDWORKS • SOLIDWORKS

What´s New in SOLIDWORKS 2017?

If you have not had time to attend a SOLIDWORKS 2017 launch event, watch this video introducing you as many features as humanly possible in 22 minutes.