Cloud based Project Management – efficiency for engineering and manufacturing companies

Learn how 3D Experience Platform can help engineering and manufacturing companies take Project Management experiences to the next level

The role of project manager, no matter if you are doing it part time or full time, is among the most challenging functions in a company. Spending most of your time on collecting information and updating project statuses can be challenging. One thing is absolutely clear: enhancing your Project Management workflow and connecting information from the different department in a centralized way can be the differentiator between winning and losing.

During this Webinar we will show how the 3D Experience Platform can help You. Project dashboards with flexibility and scalability have the power to take your Project Management experiences to the next level.

You will learn:

  • How to improve project planning as well as resource-, task- and change management.
  • Through project dashboards you will learn how management can get real-time visibility into project status.
  • Project deliverable tracking by connecting to your engineering tasks.
  • Change Management.

Webinar is held by PLM Group Solution Manager Michael Skytte.

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