Data Management on Cloud - from a user's point of view

Data Management on Cloud – from a user’s point of view

What to consider when considering going to the Cloud, how to proceed and what is the process of such a journey like? Find out from a 3DEXPERIENCE users’ point of view.

In this webinar, our experts Jaakko Ylikylä and Juha Granlund are joined by Timo Trogen from Celltech.

Timo will be sharing Celltech’s considerations and experience with going to the Cloud. Find out:

  • Why Celltech went to the Cloud
  • How their experience has been with a Cloud solution
  • What they would recommend others to consider if going to a Cloud solution

We can also recommend you check out this case story about Pässilä Bicycles and how they future-proofed their company by moving their data to the cloud.

Go to Cloud Data Management for more insights on this solution, and should you have any questions on the matter then don’t hesitate to reach out – we here and ready to answer.