You’re just one step away from becoming a leaner, meaner company. (True story.)


“Deploying a PLM solution will take ages; we want results NOW.”

“We understand the importance of a PLM strategy and solution, but don’t have the deep pockets for it.”

“We’re worried about disruption and whether a PLM solution will support our existing business processes.”

Understandably, implementing and deploying a PLM strategy and solution throws up a lot of questions, challenges and concerns.

To make it worth your while, a PLM solution must be easy to implement, be easy on your pocket and be easy for everyone to use, organization-wide. And most importantly, it must deliver quick returns.

If it’s going to take you 3 to 4 years to adopt and implement a PLM solution that’s prohibitively expensive, it’s going to slow you down. You will miss opportunities and start lagging behind the competition.

But what choice do you have. You either bite the bullet and sign up for a solution that will promise to deliver benefits ages into the future. Or you just sit on your hands and still risk getting knocked out of the race.


Wait, there’s a third option. Smart PLM.


Smart PLM is a solution that gives quick implementation and short payback time. It’s a ‘bottom up’ approach that builds your PLM capabilities step-by-steady-step. With solutions for every stage of your product development process.
You can get on the fast track to becoming a leaner, meaner company. Watch the video below to get a clear idea of how Smart PLM can deliver innovation and competitive advantages for your company.



No risk, all reward! Smart PLM builds up your capabilities step-by-step, with solutions for every stage of your product development process. This mitigates the risk of the project going over-budget or dragging on forever.


Cheaper, faster, better production

Smart PLM does wonders for your production process. It enhances collaboration to meet deadlines comfortably. With a leaner and meaner production line, your company can put out quality products at a competitive price every time. The video below explains more.



How to turn purchasing into a competitive advantage

Smart PLM puts you in the driver’s seat when it comes to purchasing. It streamlines your purchasing by involving suppliers early on in the process for quicker, accurate quotes. Which means you can supply better products at lower prices and faster than expected, giving you the edge over your competition. The video below explains more.


Your engineers magically have more time for innovation

Design reuse, elimination of repetitive tasks, reduction in the number of prototypes – when you cut these out, your engineers have nothing left to do but what they do best: innovate. What does that mean for your company? Newer, better products introduced to the market – faster. The video below explains more.


More feathers in your Marketing & Sales team’s cap

Regardless of the size of your company, you can now deliver big time. With a quicker and more agile go-to-market process that helps your Marketing & Sales team swing more deals, and help you become more profitable than the competition. That’s what Smart PLM can do for you. The video below explains more.


Increased Aftersales revenue

What if you could produce spare parts on demand using Additive Manufacturing? What if you could produce easily understandable manuals and instructions? What if your customers could easily and quickly find information and order spare parts online? With Smart PLM, you can. The video below explains more.


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