Tips & tricks – Working with PDM

Want to know more about features and functions to improve your ways of working with PDM? Then check out these 2 VALUE PACKED webinar sessions!

Our technical specialists Henrik Jonsson and Jens Andertoft, take you on deep dive into features and functions, showing you how to optimize your way of working with PDM.

During the two sessions they share tips and tricks such as:

  • How to use the efficient feature ‘Quick Search’ in PDM
  • How to add your template files to your PDM System
  • How can you switch between the construction’s ‘Latest version’ and ‘As built’
  • And much more

Up for more PDM?

We can also recommend having a look at this blog post, where Jens Andertoft shows you how to Take you PDM search option to the next level with customized Quick search.

Should you have any questions on the matter then don’t hesitate to reach out – we here and ready to answer.