Tips & Tricks in SOLIDWORKS

Tips & Tricks in SOLIDWORKS

Want to learn our best tips and tricks in SOLIDWORKS?

Our SOLIDWORKS GURU Lennart Tinndahl takes you on an exclusive walkthrough of his best tips and tricks in SOLIDWORKS.

Lennart Tinndahl is an active content creator in the SOLIDWORKS community and has won several awards for his many achievements working with and sharing his knowledge about SOLIDWORKS. You might know him from his popular series ‘Tinndahl’s Tip from the Train’ found on YouTube and LinkedIn.

Get access to all of his golden nuggets in the software. You’ll learn about:

  1. How to work faster when in sketch mode
  2. The many uses of selection tool
  3. Setting up your own shortcuts
  4. Understanding the dimension box
  5. FAQ

We guarantee you that this webinar will provide valuable tips and help you in your everyday work with SOLIDWORKS.