How to review and update tasks with Collaborative Business Innovator in 3DEXPERIENCE

3DEXPERIENCE CBI: How to review and update tasks

You need to review project tasks;
we have the tools to list all assignments.

To review all your tasks, you can filter the content in a community to only display WeDo’s, i.e. tasks. This will only show these types of submissions, hence making it easier to see all tasks that has been created in the community.

To activate this filter, click the dark blue icon in the top right corner when active in the community where you want to review the tasks.

With a filter active, the other colourful icons slightly fade out to indicate that the content the icon represent currently isn’t displayed in the community. Only the types of posts corresponding to the active filter, in this case WeDo’s, are visible in the community feed.

Note though that this filter will only display WeDo’s in the current community, hence to review tasks in another community you will have to switch to that one and activate the filter once again.

To take this a step further, it’s possible to assign a community filter to a tab in the dashboard, i.e. you can have a tab only displaying WeDo’s from a community of your choice. Firstly, create a new tab in the dashboard by clicking the “+” sign and name it “Tasks”.

Then drag-n-drop the 3DSwym application into the empty tab and size it appropriately.

Select the community in which the WeDo’s can be found and once again activate the WeDo filter to only display such in the community. Once the filter is activated, go to the preferences for the 3DSwym application by clicking the arrow pointing downwards at the upper right corner of the 3DSwym application and then select “Preferences” in the drop-down menu.

In the preferences, select “Current preferences”. You will then filter the community using the currently active filter, in this case on “WeDo’s”.

Once you clicked the “save” button you’re transferred back to the community and will now have a tab in the dashboard only displaying WeDo’s, i.e. tasks, for an easy overview.

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