3DEXPERIENCE: How to set up a vault with 3DSpace

You need to administrate your documents;
we have the tools to manage them.

When talking about document management, the “vault” refers to the central location where you store your files. When files are stored in a vault, you get control of their revision, ownership, who’s working on the file and so on. In other words, you make it easier to collaborate. 

One highly interesting aspect of 3DSpace on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform is that you can create multiple collaborative spaces (i.e. vaults). You may for example want to create one vault for your standard components and one vault for each unique project.

To set up a new vault, open the application pane though the compass up at the left corner and drag-n-drop the 3DSpace application into a new tab in the dashboard.

Then click on the arrow right next to “My Collaborative Spaces” and select “New Collaborative Space” to create a new vault in the cloud.

Enter a name for the vault and click “Create”.

Once it’s created you can select it in the list along with your other vaults.

You can drag-n-drop files to add them to the vault unless it’s SolidWorks files, then they have to be added to the vault through the SolidWorks add-in which is covered in this blog post.


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