8 funny signs that you’re a CAD designer

Have you heard about these 8 funny signs that you’re a CAD designer before?

Friends, family and even colleagues describe you as being the problem solving, curious and analytical one.

But did you know that these are the words that are frequently used to describe the typical CAD Designer?

In the spirit of this, we’ve arranged a little experiment (don’t worry – nothing that hurts).
Maybe you can agree with the points below?

  1. You love to take things apart, just to see how they work. 
  2. You’ve experienced more than once that pictures you look at don’t pan around – oops, that’s not 3D!
  3. You are baffled that not everyone shares the same excitement about the possibilities with 3D CAD – I mean, WHO doesn’t love flow simulating heat in their favourite grill?   
  4. The lofted surface is finally just right, and you suddenly realize that it is now evening, meaning you forgot about breakfast, lunch and the kids are waiting for you to pick them up from school (a few hours later than usual).  
  5. You trust your logic more than your gut.
  6. Your day is saved when you manage to create a complex design with as few features as possible.  
  7. The creation of a complex design ensures a natural break in a busy day when you patiently sit (with your fingers crossed) and wait for your PC to cool down.  
  8. Your dreams are haunted by complex CAD designs that you usually make the next day

Note down how many points we got right and bring them to our What’s New event in November! Maybe we can figure out more signs that describes a 3D CAD Designer together? 

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