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3DEXPERIENCE: How to control File Maturity

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We’ve previously seen how it’s possible to change the maturity of a file in SOLIDWORKS using the 3DEXPERIENCE add-in. This can also be done directly through the 3DEXPERIENCE platform without using SOLIDWORKS. Just as you can change the revision using a number of different applications it’s also possible to change the maturity using different apps and in this blog post I will use the Collaborative Lifecycle application.

In collaborative space, click the arrow pointing downwards in the lower right corner of the file for which you want to change the maturity and select “open with” and then if “Collaborative Lifecycle” isn’t visible in the list of applications, select “More apps”.

The application pane to the left side of the screen appears and you can either scroll through the different applications until you find the one you want or you can search for it using the search filed at the top. When you find the Collaborative Lifecycle application, double click to launch the application.

In the Collaborative Lifecycle application, you get an overview of the different revisions of the file you selected before launching Collaborative Lifecycle and their respective maturity. You can also see the different maturity status your file can have and how it can be sent from one status to another, e.g. from “in work” to “frozen”, by clicking on the transition. By clicking on the “frozen” transition, the file will then be transferred to that state and will get the status “frozen”.


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Jimmy Johansson

Application Engineer