3DEXPERIENCE: How to share 3D Drive

3DEXPERIENCE: How to share 3D Drive

Do you need to share files with stakeholders? If yes, we have the tools to help you keep them updated.

Many cloud storage solutions offer their users the ability to share files and folders and 3DDrive is no exception to this functionality. You can also share files and folders with other people, regardless if they have a 3DEXPERIENCE license or not. They do, however, need a 3DEXPERIENCE passport which can be created free of charge. This way you can easily share content with external stakeholders so they can keep themselves updated with the latest version of the files. What’s even better is that you can ensure that no one else is able to use the link, should it be mistakenly shared with someone else, other than the specific people you’ve intended.

In this example I’ve created a folder “Shared folder” in 3DDrive and uploaded a document called “Requirements”.

To share a file or folder located in 3DDrive, click the arrow pointing downwards in the bar at the very top and select “Share”.

In the dialogue that pops up you first select “Share by Link” to create a link which can be sent to people and then activate the link. If you want to restrict access to the document to prevent everyone with the link accessing it, you can check the “Restricted to” checkbox. Then you’re able to enter the person’s email in the field at the bottom followed by the “enter” key on your keyboard. If you want to add yet another email you type it in the field and once again press “enter” on your keyboard.

Before closing the dialogue, click the “Copy link” button to copy the shareable link and thereafter click “Add” to close the window.

The link can then be pasted into an email or chat and sent to the person or persons with whom you want to share the file. If you share a link to a file in a folder, the person with whom the link is shared will be navigated directly to that specific file and won’t see anything else. If you instead share a folder the person with the link will be able to view all the content in the folder. Also note that whoever you share content with will also be able to download the files, hence it’s possible to circumvent the access to the content. All links that have been shared can also be deactivated by the organisation’s platform administrator.

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Jimmy Johansson

Application Engineer