Power Surfacing

Power Surfacing makes it easy to design complex free form aesthetically pleasing "Class A" surfaces in SOLIDWORKS. It’s a revolutionary list product that will fundamentally change the way that engineers and designers design parts in SOLIDWORKS.

The easy way to make freeform shapes

You no longer have to fight with patching a set of trimmed surfaces together to form complex curved shapes; manipulating Power Surfacing parts is as simple as modeling with clay.

With this SOLIDWORKS plugin you can create and modify complex freeform and organic shapes with smooth surfaces inside SOLIDWORKS. Work in an single environment combining freeform and parametric modeling and import polygonal objects created outside of SOLIDWORKS.

Use parametric dimension driven capabilities for freeform objects and build your Power Surfacing models directly from exising SOLIDWORKS geometry.

Why use Power Surfacing?

There are plenty of reasons. Here are three important benefits:

  • Work with dimension driven Sub-D modeling
  • Build your Power Surfacing models directly from existing SOLIDWORKS geometry
  • Connect Power Surface Sub-D (Subdivision Surface) objects directly to existing SOLIDWORKS objects and update the Sub-D to correspond to history tree modifications

Want to see full package features?

Power Surfacing comes with multiple features and functions that will make your work easier and more effective.

Functions and features

Functions and featuresPower Surfacing
Primitive Shapes such as Box, Cylinder, Torus
Creation from SOLIDWORKS Sketches
Dynamic Push-Pull Editing, Constrained Editing, Soft Selection
Import Existing Meshes such as Obj or FBX from modo, Maya
Intermediate Tools such as Mirror, Bend, Edge Weighting, Subdivide
Basic Modelling Tools such as Extrude, Inset, Insert Loops, Bridge
Advanced Modelling Tools such as Extend, Edge Extrude, Insert Edge, Thicken
Conversion to “Class A” SOLIDWORKS Surface or Solid Bodies
Integration with SOLIDWORKS feature tree editing

Want to learn more? Download Power Surfacing product sheet here.


“I was using SOLIDWORKS at university so it was natural for me to also use it at Baser. I contacted PLM Group to find out if there was any kind of solution where we could use SOLIDWORKS for free. They offered us an entrepreneurial license, which was perfect.”

Scalable license models

With our flexible and scalable licensing options, you can choose to rent or buy the software – all depending on your need.

SOLIDWORKS Term Licensing
When experiencing a short-term need – renting a license is a good option. It gives you easy access to excellent tools and full flexibility at a low cost.

SOLIDWORKS Perpetual Licensing
When you have a long-term need for solution, a perpetual license is more cost effective.

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