3 key upgrades in SOLIDWORKS’ July 2023 release

In the dynamic world of 3D design and engineering, staying at the forefront of innovation is essential. In the July release this year, SOLIDWORKS has taken a giant leap forward with significant improvements. Let’s delve into the remarkable enhancements that are transforming the way engineers and designers can work.

1. SOLIDWORKS with Seamless 3DEXPERIENCE Integration

The journey through the new seat of SOLIDWORKS begins with a refreshed and refined user interface. The redesign has simplified the navigation and ensuring that tools and features are more accessible than ever before. Whether you’re a newcomer or a seasoned pro, this revamped interface enhances productivity by reducing the time spent searching for tools and features.

We see the same kind of update related to its performance, where the July 2023 version takes it up several notches. Users can work on complex projects without experiencing lag or slowdowns. Whether you’re dealing with massive assemblies or intricate simulations, the now more silky-smooth experience, allows you to focus on the most important – design and innovation.

(Image source: Dassault Systèmes)

2. Simplified Data Management with Cloud Integration

Managing data efficiently is a common challenge in the design and engineering landscape. With SOLIDWORKS and 3DEXPERIENCE, users now have access to a centralized cloud-based platform, offering a single location for data storage. This integration provides users with a clear, graphic view of parent/child relationships, making it easier to understand a model’s role within an organization’s product offerings.

The new capabilities allows users to share neutral or native file formats directly from their SOLIDWORKS session. This process generates time-coded shareable links, and users can specify email recipients, all within the SOLIDWORKS modeling session.

Importantly, no additional software downloads or installations are required. Users are free to mark, measure, and comment on shared SOLIDWORKS files, with the view state of the model captured for each comment within the feedback thread. This functionality seamlessly bridges the gap between sharing and viewing files for SOLIDWORKS users.

Change/Version History tools
The struggle to manually manage files with varying naming conventions has plagued many users, especially as projects expand. SOLIDWOKRS, in collaboration with 3DEXPERIENCE, introduces Change/Version History tools designed to eliminate confusion surrounding “current” models and datasets. These tools simplify versioning and end the era of file names suffixed with “_final” and “_FINAL FINAL.”

Advanced Sharing and Viewing Features
Retrieving files for assembly references becomes effortless with 3DEXPERIENCE. The system automatically performs file retrieval on the backend, sparing users the need to remember file locations. Additionally, users can lock and unlock files to maintain version history and make file ownership clear to all stakeholders. The platform allows users to edit the Maturity State of files, ensuring transparent clarity regarding a file’s status. File sharing is optimized for both platform users and external stakeholders, addressing concerns about sharing sensitive information while prioritizing intellectual property protection and user security.

These features will enhance productivity and ensuring that all team members are on the same page. Faster project completion and reduced miscommunication become the norm with this new collaborative feature.

(Image source: Dassault Systèmes)

3. Efficient design with enhanced tools

  • Improved Sketching Tools
    Precision is paramount in 3D design. The new sketching tools provide greater control over sketch entities, enabling designers to create intricate and precise sketches effortlessly. This improvement is particularly valuable when creating complex parts and assemblies.
  • Rendering and Visualization
    Visual representation is crucial for effectively conveying design concepts. SOLIDWORKS now offers enhanced rendering and visualization tools, enabling users to create stunning, lifelike renderings of their designs. The enhanced visualization capabilities allow for more realistic presentations and marketing materials. This not only aids in internal design review but also enhances client and stakeholder understanding of the final product.
  • Customization Options
    No two designers or engineers work exactly the same way. Recognizing this, SOLIDWORKS offers greater customization options. Users can tailor the software to their specific preferences and workflows, further optimizing their productivity. Custom templates, shortcuts, and toolbars allow for a more personalized and efficient design experience.
  • Tracking
    Design Task Tracking is made seamless with the Collaborative Tasks tool. Since everything within the platform is interconnected, users can employ drag-and-drop functionality within tasks to move items to the design area of SOLIDWORKS or other areas such as “attachments” within the task. What’s noteworthy is that all associated metadata of the item travels along with it.
  • Advanced Simulation Capabilities
    Simulation plays a vital role in ensuring the integrity and functionality of designs. The simulation capabilities have been upgraded to provide more accurate and realistic results. This allows users to identify potential issues early in the design phase, saving both time and resources in the long run.

In conclusion, the July release of SOLIDWORKS brings forth substantial improvements, paving the way for a more accessible and efficient 3D design experience. These advancements promise to simplify complex data tasks, eliminate confusion surrounding file versions, and provide a secure, seamless, and efficient way to share and view design data. As these innovations become integral to the design and engineering landscape, professionals can expect a more streamlined and productive workflow. The collaboration with 3DEXPERIENCE promises simplified data management and seamless sharing, ultimately benefiting professionals across the industry.