3DEXPERIENCE: How to share your ideas quick and easy

You have a great idea; we have the tools to bring it to life.

In a community on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, it’s possible to add a type of post that is called “idea” which has a quite useful feature. Namely, it’s possible to control the maturity, i.e. the different stages, of an idea.

This feature can be used as a means of verification in an ongoing project if a project member comes up with a new feature or solution. By submitting a post as an “idea” in the project community other community members can comment on the proposal and provide feedback and thanks to the visual representation of the idea maturity you can easily review whether the idea is close to being realised or not.

This type of post can also be used in the early stages before it’s even a project. By utilising the mature-feature of an “idea” post, a bid manager for example can visually review the process leading to a potential bid. In the image below, I have submitted an “idea” post in a new community created for a potential order.

I’ve asked my colleague Lars to review the project and update the maturity if he thinks that I should investigate it and provide a price and time estimate.

By clicking on the post, I can review it and change the maturity.

In this community the maturity is set up in four different stages:

  1. New Idea
  2. Evaluation
  3. Approval
  4. Go Live

The number of stages and their respective name and colour can be set by the administrator. To change the maturity, you simply drag-n-drop the white point (currently located in the yellow stage “New Idea”) to any of the other stages.

In this example, the first stage “New Idea” represent a potential new project and I’ve asked Lars to give his input whether he thinks I should look into it. If he thinks it’s an interesting project, he’ll change the maturity to “Evaluation” and then I know that I can investigate it and come up with a price and time estimate.

When I have estimated a time and cost for the project, I send this information to the customer and change the maturity to “Approval” indicating that we’re waiting for the customer to decide whether or not we get the order. If the customer accepts our proposal, the maturity will be changed to “Go Live” which is the signal that we can start working on the project.

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