Accelerate 3D Model Sharing with Share & Markup

Do you want to make it easier to share SOLIDWORKS 3D models and drawings with stakeholders who do not have the 3DEXPERIENCE platform or SOLIDWORKS? SOLIDWORKS Share & Markup is the latest SOLIDWORKS feature that offers a solution for you. In this article we will learn more about it and how to access it.

Share & Markup is part of the SOLIDWORKS Cloud Services tools. All these tools run on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, without any local installation. This new functionality eliminates the difficulties usually encountered when sharing and collaborating on design work. With smooth file sharing, you’ll have more time for creative design work.

Imagine a situation where you want to share your 3D models or drawings with subcontractors or those who don’t have access to CAD software. With Share & Markup, this is just a few clicks away and recipients can view and comment on your models directly from their browser, speeding up feedback process and making it easier to iterate on your models. Communication between the stakeholders involved in a design project is thus smooth and efficient. Best of all, you never have to leave SOLIDWORKS.

How does Share & Markup work?

You can share a design template directly from the main toolbar with a click of the mouse.

On the Lifecycle and Collaboration tab, first select “Share a File”, then choose the file format in which you want to send the file. Then enter the email addresses of all recipients, add your message and press “Share”.

The recipient will then receive an email with a header clearly stating who and what. For example, “Juha Granlund” shared rear_axle_arm.3dxml. The message contains a link to click on to preview the file.

You can easily manage access rights to the templates you send to recipients and revoke access rights at any time. For example, if a supplier has already given their feedback and no longer needs access to a template or comment thread, or if someone is removed from a project for any reason, you can simply revoke the sharing.

Case example: Bowhead

Watch below a video example of how Bowhead, a Canadian company, uses the 3DEXPERIENCE platform and Share & Markup to communicate with its customers and partners. Watch the video to learn how you can get immediate value from these features.

Share & Markup is an alternative to eDrawings

Have you used SOLIDWORKS eDrawings for file transfer before?

Many of our customers who have previously used SOLIDWORKS eDrawings, and who have switched to Share & Markup, have found that sharing and viewing 3D models, assemblies and drawings is even easier than before.

Let’s recap the benefits

  • Share information quickly and ask for feedback easily
  • Streamline the iteration process
  • Does not require separate installation
  • A cost-effective way to improve the efficiency of design and collaboration

How do I activate Share & Markup?

Share & Markup can be easily deployed by upgrading your SOLIDWORKS Cloud Services tools as part of your maintenance contract.

Interested? Do you have more questions?

For more information or to enable Share & Markup, please contact our sales team. We would be delighted to assist you in maximizing the full benefits of this innovative tool

You can contact us either by phone +46 37 069 0950 or by sending an email to