How to make a successful digital transformation in your organization

We help you apply the right technology to ensure a full digital thread in your company with cloud based solutions.

We can ensure the best outcome of your decisions to achieve digital transformation. The path to get there is using a consultative model where we assess your needs and potential.

But what is meant by Digital Transformation? In general, it means digitalization of the processes and bringing all parts of your workflow processes together. In everyday life, it is better revision control and more effective communication between the departments.

The process we use for Digital Transformation is a consultative model developed by Dassault Systèmes. It enables us to lower the risks of the process and outcome for you.

As a consequence of the Covid crisis, all business leaders are looking for more agility and resilience in their organization – they understand that the digital transformation needs to happen now. It is never an easy decision to change the current and working system, but the change must be made and the ones leading it, need to succeed.

Good preparation and realistic time schedules are key success factors in large projects like Digital Transformation. PLM Group has a thoroughly controlled and planned assessment process, describing the outcome of the transformation for your business for many years to come. By lowering the risks and providing a clear picture, we can help the leaders to feel safe when making the final decision. And we keep things concrete: Introducing you to the specific cloud based solutions to best suit your needs for e.g. CAD and PDM.

Digital tools serving the transformation

According to Pascale Montrocher from Dassault Systèmes, organizations have adopted dozens of online digital tools in a desperate scramble to maintain some portion of their business operations during the pandemic.

We offer you thorough assessment of a solution for you including cloud based CAD and PDM options and it´s outcome for your company. This way we eliminate the high risks involved with adopting the new system.

The assessment is based on our long experience in the industry – we have more than 20 years of experience in software and processes around CAD and PDM handling. The aim of our work is to be able to give our customers the best outcome-based material before companies make the decision to actually make the business change.

Our consultants partner with you to determine what you need to achieve to make your business more agile, resilient and sustainable. We will set firm targets for measuring those goals and define the interim steps required to achieve them.

Realize the potential of your digital journey

Best results are to be achieved by asking the right questions. This is a theory, but not always done in practice. Therefore, Dassault Systèmes launched their consultative model for Value Assessment. The process reveals the causes of your challenges and propose the best approaches to resolve them by asking probing, consultative questions. This means that we thoroughly evaluate on the potential for you in implementing Digital Transformation.

What Dassault Systèmes brings to the table during the process is a broad and deep industry expertise through accomplished experts in dedicated roles. PLM Group will then cooperate with them as local experts who are closer to you, the customer, and informed about the regional requirements.

The process of our consultative Value Assessment looks like this:

  1. We determine where you are today – what are your needs
  2. We determine where want to be – what are your desires
  3. We determine where you could be ideally – what is your potential

The Process of Value Assessment

The Value Assessment seeks to provide answers on how to make your processes simpler and time-saving. The outcomes will show how improving connections with collaborators improves operational efficiency and adds value. By extension, we map out process’s improvements in your daily operations and how increased data-sharing capabilities across the organization can support company strategies and visions

We understand that your experience in working with us determines the quality of our relationship. We therefore take a consultative approach leveraging the power and benefits of the cloud based platform, 3DEXPERIENCE, to nurture a frictionless and fully informed working environment. Working together with our solution managers on the platform, your project team members gain valuable experience in using their future systems and processes as they contribute to the project.

They can:

  • Collaborate anytime from anywhere with PLM Group and Dassault Systèmes employees in privately shared communities
  • Generate unified records of interactions and decisions as they work
  • Collect valuable ideas along the way confirming the company´s needs.

Complex can be made simpler

We in PLM Group will help you to make complex simpler by letting you take informed decisions. Our solution managers will guide you to find the right digital solutions including cloud based CAD and PDM to suit your company workflow processes and make them fit on the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform.

To learn more, reach out to us.