The value of an effective PDM system

PDM, Product Data Management, is an important part of today’s product development. A proper PDM system will serve your company through its value chain as product data is available for each party. In addition, critical decisions related to your products can be made together without waiting.

Why should you invest in a PDM system, and why is it important for every single company? We will explain.

When product data is stored into a PDM system, the data is available for everyone. This way, the cooperation among a certain product will increase. Engineers and designers can retrieve data related to the current product or older product versions. Earlier models can be utilized as a base for new ones, and enhancements can easily be made when the data of the earlier versions is still available in the PDM system.

One of the greatest features of a PDM system is that it works partly without a 3D CAD software. In addition, in some cases the PDM system can be directly integrated into a company’s existing ERP system. The PDM system enables viewing a 3D CAD model without a CAD software; this way for example the company management can follow the product development cycle and expenses, and make strategic decisions related to the product. Sales department can utilize the PDM system by for example looking at product features and using them as a competitive edge.

The PDM system serves each department in your company and improves internal communication through one tool. In PLM Group we have helped companies deploy PDM systems for many years. A customized system is always the best option – what works in one company might not be the optimal solution in your company. When a PDM system is efficient and when it can be utilized at full speed, it brings savings in time. It minimizes working hours, it brings better capacity in handling files, and it improves internal communication. These are just some of the things that our customers have reported as PDM system benefits.


Want to learn more about PDM ?
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