Multiple 3D printers represented by PLM Group receives prestigious international award

Representatives from the leading developers of 3D printing technology were gathered in May for the first ever annual award ceremony for the «3D Printing Industry Award». Awards for a wide range of categories within 3D printing and related industries were presented, and several of the 3D printers found in PLM Groups portfolio received a 3D printed bronze statue as the winner in their category.

The “3D Printing Industry Award” is hosted by one of the leading international providers of 3D printing news and information; 3D Printing Industry, and the winners of the award were chosen by no less than 200,000 votes coming in from their readers.

“We are pleased to see that the printers we represent in the Nordic market are among the winners, but not surprised, ” Says Gøran Jenssen, Business Unit Manager of 3D Printing. “A wide range of new companies and technologies have arisen the past years, and as an experienced reseller of 3D printers we have followed this industry for a long time and carefully chosen the 3D printers we want to offer our customers.”

3D Printing Industry Award 2017 winners:

3D Systems ProJet MJP 2500 – Winner of enterprise 3D printer of the year (Open)

3d systems mjp2500
3D systems Multi Jet Printers have been present among the industry’s top 3D printers for a long time. The office friendly and affordable 2500 received a warm welcome at its launch in 2016, and is obviously a preferred printer in the market. Read more about Projet MJP 2500


Markforged, Mark Two – winner of Enterprise 3D printer of the year (FFF)

markforged mark two

The Markforged Mark Two is a small desktop printer, able to print carbon reinforced nylon with the same qualities as aluminium, opening for a wide range of applications. Read more about Mark Two


HP Multi Jet Fusion – Winner of Innovation of the year

HP brings their decades of expertise in printing and materials science into their very own 3D printing technology, and has come up with a, now award-winning, innovation. Read more about HP jet Fusion


DWS, XFAB – Winner of Personal 3D printer of the year

dws xfab

Placed in the “prosumer” market, XFAB is a revolutionary desktop 3D printer, able to bring the technology of high resolution professional stereolithography to everyone. Read more about the XFAB


See the full list of winners in 3D Printing Industry’s article


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