The 3 best features in SOLIDWORKS 2023

Summertime usually means beach, hot weather, and long nights.
In the SOLIDWORKS community, we all know what it means: Beta version!

While we wait for the actual release, I have been testing and exploring the new beta version for a couple of weeks. I am excited to share my take on the best new features in SOLIDWORKS 2023, that is available for everyone on subscription in the fall 2022. 

Save a ton of time while working with multibody parts using move/copy command

If you ever worked with multibody parts and have used the Move/Copy Bodies command, you will know that you need to edit the feature to make changes. Guess what? With SOLIDWORKS 2023 there will automatically be added dimensions, so you can move the component by just changing the dimensions – like everything else.

The dimension can be used and controlled by configurations, design tables and equations.

Skip the calculation and dimension when working with Sheet metal  

Sheet metal symmetric

In Sheet Metal there is now an option to add material symmetric. That means, that you no longer need to calculate and dimension the different arc’s depending if they are on the inside or outside of the sketch lines. Now just focus on the centerline and make the material symmetric – and all inside radiuses will be the same size. Smart, right?

Fewer clicks when working with large assemblies

I saved the best for last, and this feature is one of my favorites. SOLIDWORKS has listened to our prayers and now made the process of using load component automatic – meaning fewer clicks and a smoother workflow.

In the previous version we needed to decide when to start using Load component lightweight etc. based on our experience. With SOLIDWORKS 2023 there is an option to let SOLIDWORKS automatically select the options when loading assemblies depending on hardware and model complexity.
SOLIDWORKS will control if components need to be opened as lightweight. 
We will no longer need to do that manually and select Set lightweight to resolved or Set resolved to lightweight – SOLIDWORKS will control this in the background, and we can focus on our design.

But do not worry – if you prefer to control this yourself the manual option is still available.

A little extra ‘good to know’ info from SOLIDWORKS 2023

SOLIDWORKS Copy Settings Wizard is renamed to SOLIDWORKS Settings Wizard and is now including an option to Reset Settings.
When installing and running the new version of SOLIDWORKS on a machine with previous versions, the new version will automatically copy the settings from the previous version. Now there is an easy opportunity to reset to the factory defaults.

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Watch my little video about the above features:

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