The ironic guide to 3D printing.

Sometimes it is easier to know what NOT to do rather than what to do. We have therefore created this fun 3D printing guide where we have flipped everything we know is right. Because sometimes a different perspective is all you need. (Don’t say we didn’t warn you)

1. Disappointment awaits:
Ignore printer specs and benchmarking

Because who needs details anyway?
Not you!

Just wing it and hope for the best.
Don’t even bother reading the printer specs or comparing benchmarks.
What’s the worst that could happen?

2. Stick to vanilla:
Don’t even look at other materials.

Plain old PLA is always your best bet.
Nobody needs options, right?
Learning about different materials and their properties is t its best a total waste of time.

3. No need for precision:
Print whatever size you want!

Why bother sizing things up?
Just print whatever size you feel like and hope it works out!
Don’t worry about critical parts not fitting or scaling issues, those are just minor details.

4. Don’t Innovate:
Copy and Paste is the way to go!

Don’t worry about creating original designs. Just copy and paste existing parts and call it a day.
Don’t bother optimizing for 3D printing, that’s just extra work.

Who even needs innovation?

5. Live for today:
Ignore the future potential of 3D printing


Creating a roadmap or aligning with future business goals is just fluff if you ask us.

Instead, just focus on the here and now and hope for the best.
Long-term success is just another word people like to throw out there.

6. Unreliable and needy:
Let your 3D printer run wild!

Embrace the chaos!

Don’t bother with proper maintenance or service packages.
Let your needy 3D printer run wild and hope for the best.

Who needs reliability or uptime anyway?