Tip: Description unavailable

Kjetil Guldhaug


By Lennart Tinndahl


On some occasions we have experienced that the description field, when pressing “save as” in SOLIDWORKS, is missing.

solidworks description unavailable


This also affects Windows Explorer, where the “Description” field is missing.


description unavailable_windows path


This happens due to a DLL file that has been unregistered, either during the update or due to lack of permissions. Here’s how you fix the problem:


Get the “description” field back when you press “save as”:

Start by locating the DLL file called “sldpropertyhandler”. It is located in the installation folder, usually C:\Program Files\SolidWorksCorp\SolidWorks),

Next: Start the command prompt as an administrator.

On Windows 10: Press the Windows button in the lower left corner (standard placement), type cmd. You should be able to select the Command Prompt, right click and select run as administrator.


description unavailable_command prompt


On Windows 7, press “run” and type CMD, then you are able to select the Command Manager.

Once the Command Manager has been started, type: “regsvr32<Space>” (no quotation marks)

From the explorer, drag “sldpropertyhandler.dll” to the command prompt window.

If you have a standard installation it will say:

regsvr32 “c:\program files\SolidWorksCorp\SolidWorks\sldpropertyhandler.dll”

(notice the quotation marks)

That should take care of the missing description field in “save as”


Description in Windows Explorer:

Open Windows Explorer, right click on the top of the columns.

You will get a selection of columns to show.

description unavailable_1


Press “more”, and you will get a much wider selection of columns.

Scroll down to “Description”.

description unavailable_2


As you will notice, there are two fields marked “Description”. One of them is the SOLIDWORKS description, the other is a description that Windows uses to identify different elements of a file. It differs from computer to computer which one is listed first, but put checkmarks on both of them and see which one is filled out. If your computer has your local language, Windows description field will be in your local language and “SOLIDWORKS” description will just say “description”


If this guide does not solve your problem with missing description field, please contact your local PLM Group support center for further trouble shooting.