3DEXPERIENCE for Sales & Marketing

Want to win more market share and deals? 3DEXPERIENCE gives you valuable product and market insights, allowing you to create powerful quotes and cost-effective, high-impact marketing material.

Building a profitable business under the pressure of demanding customers, increased competition and ever changing market conditions can be challenging.

With 3DEXPERIENCE you can easily create unique and powerful customer quotes and high-impact marketing material. You can also monitor brand and product performance to strengthen your message, value proposition and competitiveness.

3DEXPERIENCE brings together your entire business on a single cloud-based platform and enables you to innovate with the power of the connected organization.


  • Market products effectively through compelling visual content and product specifications
  • Respond fast to request for quotation of complex products to secure a profitable business
  • Retrieve product updates from engineering to make compelling customer proposals
  • Make informed and strategic brand decisions by tracking product brand performance
  • Monitor product experience to turn customer needs and demands into product innovation

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