SOLIDWORKS Term Licensing

Rent your software and lower upfront costs with flexible and scalable licensing options.

SOLIDWORKS Term Licensing

Short-term commitment and flexibility

SOLIDWORKS Term Licensing allows for more flexible deployment options which is ideal for project-based work for start-ups, contractors or consultants.

Term licenses provide the same features and functionality as a perpetual licenses, but they are time-based and can be purchased in 3-month, 6-month or 1-year terms.

With Term License you have access to the same level of support as Perpetual License customers on Subscription Service. Plus, free access to MySolidWorks Professional, Certifications and SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal.

As a customer you have the option to mix and match Term and Perpetual Licenses.

Why SOLIDWORKS Term Licensing?

  • An ideal solution for short-term projects, or for a specific phase of a certain project
  • Meet staffing requirements such as contract staff or interns that require SOLIDWORKS for a short-time period
  • Meet the needs of a new division or a project that has been initiated and where cash-flow can be a concern
  • Get started with SOLIDWORKS software at a minimum cost

Scalable license models

With our flexible and scalable licensing options, you can choose to rent or buy the software – all depending on your need.

SOLIDWORKS Term Licensing
When experiencing a short-term need – renting a license is a good option. It gives you easy access to excellent tools and full flexibility at a low cost.

SOLIDWORKS Perpetual Licensing
When you have a long-term need, a perpetual license is more cost effective.

Softwares supported by SOLIDWORKS Term Licensing

Standard Term LicenceProfessional Term LicencePremium Term LicenceBoost Term Licence

Important! You do not own the license – you are effectively renting it. Therefore, you need to consider how you will access design data after the Term license has expired.


“I was using SOLIDWORKS at university so it was natural for me to also use it at Baser. I contacted PLM Group to find out if there was any kind of solution where we could use SOLIDWORKS for free. They offered us an entrepreneurial license, which was perfect.”

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